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what is a taco party

a taco walks into a bar

Duh. It is a party that has enough tacos and margaritas that the neighbors are peeking over the fence out of jealousy.

step 1: order the banner

a taco walks into a bar

Maybe it is your daughter's second birthday, maybe it's Tuesday. There's tacos, so does it really matter?

step 2: protect your table

a taco walks into a bar

Face it, your friends are slobs. Put out the tablecloth before the food hits the table. Plus, it makes for easy cleanup.

step 3: make some tacos


Set out the taco fixins of tortillas, seasoned ground beef, refried beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, chips and guacamole. 

step 4: keg the margaritas


Yes, I said keg the margaritas! Did you know that you can put mixed drinks into a keg and just pump it out like you would a beer?

step 5: queue the music


Rodrigo y Gabriela are the ultimate guitar music for your taco party. Your guests will be chair dancing in two minutes. Good thing you have a keg of margaritas.