Virginia Stockwell, A Taco Walks into a Bar

Virginia Stockwell

 Weekdays, Virginia Stockwell arrives in your kitchen, cooks a few healthy  dinners, then leaves them in your refrigerator for heat and serve  throughout the week. Her personal chef website is at Obviously on weekends she's eating tacos and drinking margaritas. 

Edward Stockwell, A Taco Walks into a Bar

Edward Stockwell

believes the following:

  • Vermouth has gotten a bad rap and martinis are best with gin – stirred, not shaken. 
  • Distillers are artists and their craft should be sipped, savored and shared.
  • Draft cocktails are just awesome.    

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A taco Walks into a Bar: A Balanced diet is a taco in one hand and a margarita in the other

Personal chef Virginia Stockwell cooks over 50 different dishes a week. Married to spirit evangelist and pun king Edward Stockwell, the duo holds enviable dinner parties in their home, usually with tacos and margaritas. Virginia’s cooking style is vegetable heavy and emphasizes Southwest flavors. Edward Stockwell has perfected the margarita and shows you how, by the glass and by the growler. Let’s work out really hard then rehydrate with margaritas.


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